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{ARTICLE} 10 Blogging Habits That Hold You Back In Your Blogging Career

Posted by on February 8, 2021 0

blogging habits

1. Social media addiction

Blogging Habits In This Article should well considered and also attended to with immediate effect, to boost your blogging skills.

Social media is good to bring traffic on the blog. But involving too much in social media and forget your original work (generating content) is not good for your blog. Try to avoid too much social media involvement. Remember that content is the king and it is responsible for traffic. Social media is a secondary thing.


2. Work from bed

There are many bloggers who work from bed, and they stick to this habit. If you work 1 hour, then it would not be a serious issue, but if you are giving 7 to 10 hours daily for your work then it is a serious matter. For those people, we already give some tips to setup  office at home for professional blogging.


3. Never proofread articles

I already told you that proofreading article is the best way to find your errors inside the post. Try to read two or three times to find mistakes in your post. Also, ensure that don’t start editing your post while writing it.

4. Giving current news

If your blog has some decent traffic then providing breaking news is not incorrect because your post will get a good exposure. But if your blog gets a fever traffic then it is not a good idea to show current news through your blog. Remember, there are several good blogs which are doing this work properly and efficiently.

5. Too much coffee

Coffee is good when you take breaks during your work. But consuming too much coffee (nicotine) is not good for your health and your work. It will effect your mind and overall productivity.

6. Working in cluttered space

Either you are working from home, or you work in the office you need to take care of one thing that your work space should be separated from rest of your home. If you are making your bed room as your office, then make sure that your room should be spacious, having windows for natural lights and free from any disarrangement.

7. Being nonsocial

My friends always complain that I never find too much time for them. I involve in my work so much that I never found time for any social activities which are not good. I am trying to improve my habit. I take a break from my work (on Sunday) and plan movies and dinner with friends.

8. Working late 

Bloggers love to work late night. Probably this is because in the night they found no disturbance. They free to do all their pending work in silence. But I suggest you work in day time. Try to wake early morning and start working with the fresh mind. You don’t need to follow strict 9 to 6 office time but completing all work early in a day would invite some relief to you.

9. Drinking habit

We came up with post Why Bloggers Drink and How to Avoid Drinking in which we discussed the rise of drinking and smoking culture in bloggers. We also give ideas to get rid of this habit.

10. No vacations

Working all the time causes lots of strain inside our brain. It increases your stress level, and you may lose your interest in your work. Vacation gives us the opportunity to recharge and regenerate our power. Try to schedule your post in WordPress and fly off somewhere. In this period do not do any work instead of checking important mail and replying to clients.



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