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Mista Bee (Afro-Fusion Singer) BIO

Posted by on April 22, 2021 0

Don’t ever think of quitting music… anything you do with passion without thinking of the reward that comes after it will surely succeed.”

Mista bee

Bamgbowu Francis Seyioluwa : Mista bee (Olokiki) is an Afro-fusion singer and a songwriter.

He hails from Ogun State, Nigeria; at a tender age, he grew up learning the rudiments of music from his father who is a renowned Fuji Musician. However, he started professional singing in 2012.

Asides consistent release of top notch music, he graduated with a 1st Class Degree from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

How did the journey start?

The journey started from home. In my family basically,  we do music. So it really helps growing up musically from home.

Biggest sacrifice you’ve made for music?
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Ignored my dad’s opinion in which he told me to do away with music, so I left home because I wanted to pursue my music career.

Biggest lesson you’ve learnt about life?

Never look down on anybody. Everyone has their own worth. The useless one might be the one to help you tomorrow.

How did you come about the stage name: Mista Bee?

Very simple! It’s just like saying Mr. Bamgbowu. Initially it was Mr. B. So later on, I decided to reframe it to Mista bee to make it sound melodical.

How would you say your background influenced your music?

It has really helped. Even though my dad who is also a musician was against my career at my early stage but later on decided to support. His support, the music trait in the family, all these help to shape my music and gather a lot of influence in my music.

Could still remember vividly when my mum was alive, she composed songs for me. So, my background has really influenced me and my music in a way.

What genre would you classify your music?

Afro pop with fusion of Fuji flow. So let’s say afro-fusion.

What’s most unique about your genre?

The use of Yoruba idioms and lyrics, at the same time the Fuji flavour in those lyrics makes my sound unique.

What would you say are 5 basic qualities of a musician?

As an Artiste, you need to be Social, hard working, consistent, creative and be patient.

How did you combine making music, performing at shows, and graduating with a first class?

Hmmm…let me say it’s all about doing the right thing at the right time. When it’s time for music, do it! When it’s time for academics, don’t suffer academics as well.

What’s your favorite quote?

If you can’t beat them, you join them.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given that aligns with your music career?

“Don’t ever think of quitting music.”

Why music?

Because I love it. Moreover, birth into a music family, the support of mum in the early stage, and the support of dad later influenced me to do it.

Additionally, music is my passion and anything you do with passion without thinking of the reward that comes after it will surely succeed.

What’s your biggest track?

,Smiles…. I think Gbefun

What was the inspiration behind your biggest track?

Hahahahaha! Well as an Artiste, things going on around you inspire your music. The inspiration behind this song could be dated back to when I was in 200Level, people like us sat at the back of the lecture room, anytime there is a kind of funny moment during the lecture hours, we do shout “Gbefun” which means “give am”.

A friend of mine told me after the lecture that making a song and title it Gbefun might help. So I decided to do it and featured Bkey on it.

Boom!!!! The song went viral as possible as it can. So I had more listening ears added to my initial ones.

Do you think you would have gone farther than this in your music career if you studied music in the University?

Hmmmm. Let me say yes! And at the same time, studying music in school would have helped me to know more about it. Besides, if one studied music and there is no proper promotion, I think you will still remain in the same spot.

But the fact remains it will surely help me to grow farther than this.

What ethics or character is required for an undergraduate Artiste who dreams of graduating with a first class while still desiring to be hugely relevant music wise?

Focus and determination.

You know what you want and when you want to do them.

Understand how important they are to your life. Then focus on them and be determined.

What’s your most recent project?

Set up (Refix). A song by my brother Dammy dee, the love I have for that song is 100%, so I decided to jump on it.

Which top 5 songs are currently on replay in your playlist?

Set up(Refix) Dammy dee ft Mista bee,

Shekere(Yemi alade ft Angelique kodjo),

Save me (phenest ft seyi vibez), Olomitutu( A live Fuji performance by banana-my dad),

Hello (Spenza ft Hawkins)

What advice do you have for (upcoming) Artistes who really want to pursue their music full time but feel hindered by parents to go to school or worst still study a course that doesn’t even interest them?

That they should be focused, determined, persistent and prayerful.

What are some of the challenges of being a musician?

There are a lot of challenges you face as a musician: financial challenge, discouragement, and sometimes people hardly show you love on what you love doing.

What are some of the risks you’ve taken as regards making and expanding your music career?

I wouldn’t call it risk, but a norm. Because anything you do for your passion is a normal thing.

You know what you are after and what you want to get at the later stage.

But for me, spending most of the money I ought to use for my upkeep to make music, paying MCs or hypeman to perform in a free show, etc. There are alot of them. But they are norms to me.

What do you have to say on the concept of drugs/smoking boosting creativity?

Honestly speaking I’m not sure if it’s the best thing for every Artiste. But some feel it’s very important and if it helps them in a way they think it’s the best; then it’s cool. If it boosts their creativity, then (maybe) it helps them.

Although, not every musician engages in drugs.

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Apart from music, what other talents or skills do you possess?

Lol, I can teach, beat drums and can also play football.

How would you define music?

Combination of sounds that are pleasant and agreeable to the ear.

What’s your biggest achievement as an Artiste?

Winning the Rockcity 101.9fm Grab the mic for the month of June 2018 in the singing category.

Including being nominated as the best Artiste of the year while I was in the University.

Making collaboration with some Artists like Lilshow, nelfun, etc have been waiting to meet for a long time.

Couples of achievement coming through very soon.

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Tell a story of your most embarrassing moment in your music career?

It was when I was invited to perform at a wedding ceremony, getting there I told one of my brothers that followed me to give the DJ the song I wanted to perform.

To my greatest surprise, the DJ told us that: “if you don’t pay, you won’t perform”. I was like, “the groom invited me to be here”. We dragged the issue for almost 20minutes at the backstage till we later danced to the tune of the DJ.

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