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Some Mistakes Nigerian Blogger Make That Really Affects Them.

Posted by on December 25, 2020 0

Many  bloggers (especially Nigerian blogger) make this mistake often. This article is going to help in solving 50% of bloggers problem.   Please,  I would advise you to grab your pen and jot something down.

1. Failure to Update Their Web: Being a blogger is not just by mere slogan. You have to take it personal, so as to excel in it. If you are a blogger that have a job which is fetching you monthly income, it is much advisable you employ a content writer on your web. At times, website visitors would lack interest in a web, when the writer or content creator on the web fails to update the web as times goes on. Let’s take a news website as an example; when you fail to update your visitors every second, minutes, and hours; definitely you would end up losing them.


2. Blogging Just to become monetized: The first aim and objectives of some bloggers outside there is just about making money from it. Truly making money from a website is a very good thing one must enjoy to the fullest. But first, you have to think that this web that am creating, what good is it going to do to my visitors, what problem is my web going to be solving. After you have figured these points out yourself, then you can now go for monetization. I have seen many bloggers that they applied for AdSense in just 2weeks they started blogging.

3. Laziness: Many bloggers are very lazy, they know how to withdraw money from their respective ads account, but they don’t know how to create meaningful content. This category falls into two parts:- (i) Some bloggers have meaningful content overwhelming in their hands, but they are very lazy to type it into their phone or their laptop (ii) Some bloggers are lazy in the aspect of not making enough research because they easily get tired, and this leads to publishing of illegitimate contents on the web.


4. Grammatical Errors: This is a very big mistake that many bloggers are making day to day. Normally, when you visit a web, the headline of any article you see there must be attractive. But to many webs, reverse have been the case. Grammatical errors and blunders are being made on many webs and these leads to the issue of visitors not able to comprehend your article. As a web owner, when you see that you aren’t up to the standard, it is much advisable to hire a content writer. You would be able to be bold enough to monetize your site when you have good contents in it.

5. Inability To Think On their Own: As a blogger, you have to have time for thinking. When you don’t think on your own, it leads to copying contents from other website to your own. When you accept the offer of being a blogger on any website, you have to be current in all ramifications. Copying content from other blogs is very risky, and sometimes you may end up losing your web at times. Many bloggers finds pleasure in stealing/copying contents from other website. Normally, you have to post thrice a day, but because you wants to gets more visitors at time; you will go ahead and post 10times a day. No matter how good you are in the field of writing, you can’t write 10articles with (1000words) a day. Note that, you can only do that when you are operating a coping and pasting stuff on your web.



A motivational speaker once said and I quote that “It is not how well, but how far”. Having many articles on your web doesn’t matter, but having meaningful and problem solving contents really matters a lot.

Many top bloggers in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji, Naijaloaded etc avoided these mistakes, and they made it by doing do. Let’s change for good today, and I am sure we would make impact when we try to avoid these mistake


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