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What Your Fans Expect From You As An Upcoming Artist

Posted by on December 22, 2020 0

Oyoloaded  team would not stop in offering articles that are very useful to artists for free. As an upcoming artist, many people are expecting different things from you. Visiting a studio and recording songs is not only the good attributes of an upcoming artist. People that tends to be your fanbase are expecting a tons of things from you. In this article, you would be enlightened more about what they are expecting from you.

1. Freestyles: As an upcoming artist, the first thing they want from you is your freestyles.
Now, the question that is going to be overwhelming in your mind is that how can you share your freestyles to your fanbase in a couple of second? Normally, as an upcoming artist you have to create social media accounts {twitter, facebook and Instagram}, these three accounts are the major ones you need for a start. When you record your freestyles with your phone or your laptop, the next step is uploading it on your social media accounts. By doing that, you would reach more people, and it would also lead to creation of engagements. Lets take Instagram as a case study, when you post on instagram; the probability of people liking your posts in not certain. There is a way of going about this trauma When posting on Instagram, try to use hash tags related to your niche. As an upcoming artist, the hash tags that is recommended to you are #upcoming artist #artist #promotion etc.


2. Having Direct Access To Your Music: When you release a song, it is not mandatory you upload to only Audiomack. Many people prefer having direct download to their storage devices rather than playing it inside an app. Note that, am not saying uploading to Audiomack is not good, even if you want to upload your music to Audiomack, try and upload to a website also. This would let people who don’t like playing music on Audio Mack, to gain access to your music.

3. Good Manner of Approach: Every of your fanbase across your social media accounts would like to message you, but how you reply them really matters a lot to them. As an upcoming artist, when you notice someone slides in your DM trying to make some enquiries about you, maybe the person wants to book you for a show or for another thing entirely. Try to cool down and listen or read the content of the message the person is sending very well. Always try to give them answers that favours them, if not they would eventually end up in losing their interest for you. I have seen many artistes that do insult people who slide in their DM just because they ask them to come for a free show. This shouldn’t be so, naturally, as an upcoming artist; you have to embrace free show. There are many reasons why you have to embrace free shows; some of them are listed below:
i. When you go to free shows, the probability that you would meet a sponsor there is very certain. It is advisable to go to free shows, because they are some hype man that does visit shows, because they know upcoming artists would be there. Before they come to you to sign you for a deal or just to sponsor you for just a track, trust me they would make enquiry from the host maybe you were paid for the show or not.
ii. Let me not deceive you, you would see people asking for free shows in your race to become a superstar. This is another secret, when you go to shows, after that show trust me your followers would increase from the figure it was before. Given that you performed well in the show, but when you perform badly, don’t expect any results at all.

4. Engaging with Them: This factor is also applicable to your social media accounts. I know you would be wondering that am giving most audience on social media platforms, let me tell you; when you are good in interacting with your online environments as an upcoming artist, trust me you are good to go. Whenever you post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. When any of your fans drop a comment, please endeavor to reply them. Fans finds pleasure in you replying their comment, it means a lot to them.

To be sincere, when you try these 4 powerful strategies and adjust yourself wherever you are lacking behind. You would surely get there is you believe in this keys I have given you. I love you all and I wish to see you at the top one day.



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